The Law & Disclosure
HIV, sex, dating and relationships
Living with HIV comes with responsibility. HIV is different than other infections and diseases. There is no cure for HIV. HIV can seriously harm a person's health and can lead to death. And HIV can be transmitted during sex. So the law about HIV and sex is very strict.

Because you are HIV positive, the law can affect your sex life. But when you know what the law says, you can make better decisions and avoid legal problems. So knowing about the criminal law can help you have a safer, hotter and more satisfying sex life.

Living with HIV can complicate sex, dating and relationships. Telling another guy you have HIV can be really difficult. You may find that disclosing your HIV status gets easier the more you do it. Or you may never find it easy to disclose. Either way, you can probably figure out ways to prepare yourself to deal with the other guy's reaction to your HIV.

If a guy doesn't want to have sex with you or date you because you are HIV positive, it is his loss. But he is entitled to make that choice. Just like you are entitled to say "no" to guys you don't want to have sex with or date.